Who We Are & What We Do

Our team is a combination of seasoned professionals, who have pledged to work only for the nonprofit sector, and subject matter experts who want to help small businesses achieve optimum growth. We are strong advocates of the organizations in these two sectors due to the business acumen, maturity and resilience they show every day and the ultimate purpose they aim to fulfil.

In the case of small businesses, this purpose is to make a name for the business amid tough competition and grow into a profitable organization. For nonprofits, this purpose is to find – and execute – practical solutions for social issues that have lingered in the modern society for decades through successful products and services.

Working with these sectors, our team is achieving more than an expert unit’s reputation. Helping these organizations, we sleep peacefully every night and come to work every morning with vigor you will rarely come across in any business consultancy.

Leinad’s Team

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Leinad’s Vision

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Leinad’s Mission

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Leinad’s Values

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