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Among the many things similar between small businesses and not-for-profit organizations is the need for smart public outreach. Organizations in both these categories need reliable public relations consulting to get the message out. Since these are relatively small entities with limited budgets, they do not have the capacity to keep expert in-house resources for successful promotion of their brands and values while creating a sharp, noticeable public profile through well thought-out press releases, publications, and outreach events.

Incidentally, for the same reason – being small-scale outfits – nonprofits and small businesses depend heavily on successful public relations management to grow. Being small means having small budgets, which also means having very limited access to mass media for brand promotion. It is only through best-in-class public relations strategies and their seamless execution that nonprofits and small businesses can connect with the public.

Understanding the scope of our public relations advisory service

Our public relations consulting services are comprehensive and come with an all-inclusive plan that utilizes all resources and options that could benefit your organization.

In essence, these are the three key areas where our public relations advisory can assist you with confidence:

Network Strategy Building

When it comes to effective public outreach, you need a sound public relations strategy in place to not just help you take care of the conventional needs of this business domain but also assist you in using innovative ideas to connect with your audiences on a formal and fundamental level.

The team at Leinad Business Consulting has helped numerous nonprofits and small business entities build a sustainable PR strategy that continues to give results after years. We can help you reach the same effectiveness and efficiency in public relations.

Organizing Speaking Engagements

Public outreach is all about reaching out to the public to share your ideas and listen to their concerns and questions. With strategically organized speaking engagements, you can achieve both these objectives and emerge as a brand that is true to its values and is not afraid of exposing itself to direct criticism on public platforms.

Our team can manage this area of your organization’s PR strategy as well and organize speaking engagements on a variety of platforms where you can connect with relevant audiences.

Trade Show and Event Representation

We also manage trade show and event representation for our client nonprofits and small businesses.These are again platforms that offer high-ROI opportunities for your organization and must not be neglected.

With our seasoned representatives attending trade show, expos and seminars on your behalf, you need not worry about brand promotion, lead generation, and fostering new relationships during important events in your industry all of which will be done professionally and duly reported to you.

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