Strategic Communications

Not-for-profit organizations and small businesses have many problems in common owing to their rather similar organizational and management structures. One such area of concern for the two business types is having effective strategic communications in place. While some organizations in these sectors are moving in the right direction with their communications, many more are struggling with the problem.

At Leinad Business Consulting, we offer a clear set of strategic communications consulting solutions that are taking our client organizations to new heights of clarity, transparency, customer service, and operational efficiency.

Our Business Communications Consulting Solutions

Our business communications consulting domain works with a clear idea of what our clients will need. Working exclusively for nonprofits and small businesses has enabled us to deliver effective communications related solutions that fit perfectly with their specific needs.

We render these solutions fast, and without waste, which allows us to maintain extraordinary standards of service quality.

The two key areas of our strategic communications consulting service are as follows:

Program Communication Plans

Growing nonprofits often make the mistake of designing a uniform communications strategy for all their programs. The trap emerges out of a superficial focus on efficiency and doing more with fewer resources.

While the idea might sound efficient, it fails miserably, as it ignores a key fact: every program you launch at your nonprofit will be focused on a specific audience. Therefore, you need to build separate program communication plans based on these unique features of the audience and the program.

At Leinad, we help nonprofits learn to see their programs distinctly and understand the unique characteristics of each program’s target consumer profile. We sit with your team, gather all the information required to understand your programs, and build you clear and articulate program communication plans.

Corporate Communication

Similarly, small businesses fall in the trap of making great strategic goals and failing to translate them into organizations strategies and practices. This leads to operational inefficiency, low employee loyalty, and poor customer service simply because nobody understands exactly how the organizational objectives are to be met.

With our help, client small businesses have discovered the connection between the cultures and environments they wanted to create and effective practices that uphold these goals of change. With us, they have learned how to bridge their business mission with their operational strategies and devise practices and protocols that align their operations with their core business objectives.

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